Practical tools



Emma King, BHK, MHK

After 20 years as an athlete and professional in high risk sport, Emma returned to school to increase her understanding of acute stress and its impact on one’s ability to perform, both mentally and physically.  First was a degree in kinesiology for an in-depth understanding of the physical side of performance.  Next was a Master’s in performance psychology to understand the mental aspects, with a particular focus on the mental and physical impacts of the acute stress response.  

Since completing her degrees, Emma has been working with police trainers to deliver performance based interventions to frontline officers.  

Emma’s entire approach is informed by a drive to provide people with simple, effective, easily applied tools that are solidly based in research.  Emma has a unique ability to take complex scientific information and make it accessible, easy to understand, and directly applicable to individuals’ personal and professional lives. 

Practical Tools is primarily focused on helping people perform under conditions of acute stress, particularly those who work in policingemergency medicinefirefighting, and the military.  

The acute stress response has particular implications for these professionals’ performance in the field, given the nature of their work.  To this end, we tailor our programs to the specific training and self-regulation skills needed to optimize performance under these unique conditions.  

Our focus

Mental Skills Trainers

Professionals with backgrounds in mental skills training, high performance, and psychology are part of the team available to deliver Practical Tools training.  


If needed, experienced Use of Force trainers are available to help deliver aspects of Practical Tools’ training programs.