Practical tools



individual sessions

In her one-on-one work, Emma provides people with the tools needed to reach goals and enact change in their lives.  The realities of each client’s circumstances, resources, and barriers guide Emma’s approach, making it more likely that goals are achievable and change is sustainable

Clients develop practical skills and techniques focused on HOW to implement change, given their strengths, needs, and the logistics of their lives.  Emma’s science background in kinesiology and mental performance informs all her work, and an increased understanding of how their brains and bodies work is key to many of her clients’ successes.   

“Emma gave me hope and the tools to make a change in my current situation." - Kathie

areas of success

Many of Emma’s clients achieve goals in the following areas:

  • Eating better

  • Exercising more

  • Managing stress better

  • Balancing responsibilities and commitments

  • Improving communication with others

  • Reducing procrastination

  • Making difficult decisions

“Emma saw me as a person first – not a fat person first. I was almost immediately at ease with her, which is quite remarkable for me. Emma had a positive effect on me. I was able to laugh at myself and some of my presumptions. I always left her office feeling better than when I went in.” - Beth

Booking a session

Individual Sessions:

$80 (incl. HST) for one hour

Payment via cash or e-transfer

Contact Emma by phone, 613-858-5918, or email, to book