Stress Performance Training: Police/first responders

Improving Decision Making in the Field

The brain under acute stress is a different beast.  If you haven't experienced the shut down that can come with life or death threat, you can't know how to deal with it.  

Time changes, perceptions skew, and suddenly you react without choosing your actions. Your training can vanish as you fall back on instinct, appropriate or not. 

Practical Tools literally teaches people to keep their head under stress, allowing them to access their training for optimal outcomes.  




  • Accessible education on stress, its impact on performance, and concrete tools to manage it.

  • Leave with a greater understanding of how your body and brain work, and how to get them working for you.

  • Ideal for teams from 3 to 20 people.

Keynote Speaking

  • Informative talks on the science of stress and mental performance.

  • Engage your audience with relevant, relatable, action-oriented information customized to your field.

  • Choose from a variety of topics suited to your group.